The Jerry 'Hot Rod' DeMink Band is a high energy trio with a passion for music and the zeal to show it.   At every show they bring fire to the stage and excitement to the loud speakers.  With a mix of Rockabilly, Blues, Rock and Roll and Surf, they are as diverse as Johnny Cash to Jimi Hendrix.  Combining their world touring experience and years of blood and sweat on their instruments, the Jerry 'Hot Rod' DeMink Band is ready to burn rubber right up your street!  Don't forget to wear your helmet.

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  “DeMink has earned international acclaim for his dynamic showmanship and mastery of blues, soul and rock……….. a whirling dirvish who jumps on everything but the stage” David Moye – Wireless Flash

"More energy than a chinchilla on speed." Barney Roach - Blue Ink

"You've got to see Hot Rod live to believe him, but even that doesn't stop some people from thinking their eyes are playing tricks on them.....Hot Rod is an original." Michael Kinsman - San Diego Blues Fest

A classic example for best music entertainment ..... His relaxed and easy going way, how he is handling his instrument, dancing, rocking, spontaneously changing between the most simple Country-Riffs and complicated Jazz-chords and sometimes diving right into the audience with a death jump-it's brilliant.
Southwest Press - (Germany)

They are truly a phenomenal band and one of our favorites....
Pastor Z. BFC (Bikers For Christ) Founder & International Elder