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Hot Rod Compilation CD

I started my touring career in 1994 in Chicago with Blues legend A.C. Reed. There I learned that Blues musicians didn’t just choose to play that music, it was simply a part of their life. A reflection of how they lived. It was their culture. I didn’t just learn a music style, I learned an art. A.C. called his band the Sparkplugs and I had an opportunity to take the rhythm section in the studio to lay a few tracks. Listen to the deep groove and tight funk. Read the story of how I joined A.C. Reed when he broke down in front of my house on my website.

Playing and touring with Billy Bacon has been like communing with family. It’s amazing how we read each others minds when it comes to music and stage antics. His blend of Tex/Mex, Swing, Rock-a-billy, and Country has left a big impression on me and has broadened my musical journey.

Martha’s Kitchen brings it all back home for me. This band represents my own efforts to produce music that expresses who I am as an artist. My mom Martha would bring her hot plate to the gigs and make quesadilla's for the audience while we played.

This compilation shows the guitar side of a career that’s motivating ahead, ever changing, and uniquely developing into a style and a sound all my own. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening.

1.) Mama’s Cookin’ – “Women Trouble” Martha’s Kitchen 2001
2.) Tumblespeed – “13 Years of Bad Road” BBFB 1997
3.) Country Polka – “Cloven Grooves” BBFB 2003
4.) Frosty – “Guitar Demo” AC 1996
5.) Goofin’ Around – “Cloven Grooves” BBFB 2003
6.) Martha’s Tacos – “Pork Qué” BBFB 1999
7.) Okie Dokie Stomp – “Pigs At The Zoo” BBFB 2001
8.) Funky Miracle – “Guitar Demo” AC 1996
9.) Europa – “Guitar Demo” AC 1996
BBFP=Billy Bacon and the Forbidden Pigs
AC=A.C. Reed and the Spark Plugs
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