I believe I was about 7 years old when I accepted Jesus as my savior. It was then that the Lord wrote His law on the fleshly tablets of my heart. However, having no discipleship nor language to express my faith, I turned to the world for purpose and vision. Seeking a career in music I strived to 'make it happen' on my own. I focused all things in my life toward succeeding in this ambition. The Lord gave me many opportunities to return to Him but I remember thinking 'Oh I'll just have fun for a little while longer'. I was leaving my first love and didn't even know it. Evenso, deep within the roots of my soul my faith remained and I could always see God's hand keeping me within His boundaries. And most important I never doubted that Jesus Christ is Lord.

     After too much time away from God's truth I started to turn back to His Word. This time I read it and as I read I discovered what I already knew in my heart. Only now I have the language to express it. Through music I realized I was seeking my own glory but now I direct ALL that glory to Him. I suppose August 10th, 2001 was the day I called on the Lord again, however it was a slow steady road back to Him in my adult years. And since I've allowed God to take FULL possession of my life I can receive the joy and abundant life that Jesus came to give.

God bless you.

Jerry DeMink